Technical Support Engineer

Time:2022-06-29 Work Location:Shanghai-Pudong New Area Salary:15,000-20,000 Return

job requirements:

1、Provide technical support for machine vision products (3D line laser smart cameras); 
2、Responsible for customer demand communication, technical training and promotion;
3、Responsible for on-site support for product problems (including customer plan formulation, product selection in equipment, Verification, confirmation of installation method, and solution confirmation of vision module and mechanical, electrical module and back-end software interface); 
4、Complete the solution of some customers' on-site vision module problems and application optimization; 
5、Support customers to complete vision product solutions 6. Record and summarize the problems encountered in
6、the technical support process in the form of documents;

Job Requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above; 
2、2 or 3 years working experience in visual projects, with solid basic knowledge of graphics processing and visual processing, successful visual project development cases, and certain 3D vision application experience; 
3、Proficient in halcon/ Vision Pro and other visual software, understand C++/C#, VC and other programming languages; 
4、Familiar with the selection and use of common light sources, lenses and industrial cameras; 
5、Skilled in using related instruments, multimeters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, etc.; 
6、Solid work, self-motivated, strong learning ability, good team spirit. 
7、 Good communication and expression skills, proactive in doing things, and strong teamwork ability

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