Machine Vision Algorithm Engineer

Time:2022-06-29 Work Location:Shanghai-Pudong New Area Salary:20,000-30,000 Return

job requirements:

1. According to the front-end business and product development needs, be responsible for the development and modularization of related application algorithms, productization and writing module design documents 
2. Carry out the development and maintenance of camera core algorithms, such as camera internal and external parameter calibration, HDR and other algorithms 
3. According to production needs 4. Compilation of 
4. related documents such as algorithm scheme and detailed design

Job Requirements:

1. Master's degree or above, major in machine vision and image processing, preferably with knowledge of mechanical quality and inspection
2. 2-3 years or above working experience in algorithm development, with background experience in industrial inspection, machine vision, image matching and other fields Priority 
3. Know or be familiar with common point cloud processing algorithms such as denoising, feature recognition, clustering, etc. 
4. Have a solid programming foundation and good programming habits, and be proficient in C/C++ programming language; it is better to use python/matlab for simulation modeling 
5. Work proactively, have good communication skills and teamwork spirit 
6. Have good analytical and problem-solving skills

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