Sales Engineer

Time:2022-06-29 Work Location:Suzhou-Xiangcheng District Salary:10,000-15,000 Return

Job Responsibilities:

1、Maintain existing old customers, explore more project opportunities, make basic evaluations on projects, and communicate project information with customers, thus improving the possibility of project transactions. 
2、Develop new customers according to the customer directory provided by the company or the customer information it has. 
3、Collaborate with R&D and project departments to promote the company's 3D vision products. 
4、Coordinate internal and external resources to provide good service benefits for agents and integrators.

job requirements:

1、More than 3 years of sales experience, more than 2 years of machine vision sales experience, 3D vision experience is preferred

2、There are certain industry customer resources, such as 3C, auto parts

3、Have good work habits, including timely communication, self-management, active thinking, etc.

4、Have certain technical ability and can make basic judgments on the early stage of the project

5、have a driver's license, more than 1 year driving experience

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